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System Requirements

A broadband connection is recommended for viewing this site. Because of the high resolution images on this site, users with dial-up connections will likely experience long delays in page loading.

This site is best viewed using a modern Web browser like Firefox, Internet Explorer 6, or Safari.

To explore a view, you will need to have the free Flash Player. Many computers come pre-loaded with the Flash Player, so you may already have it. However, if you are unable to zoom in to the city views, then you will need to download the Flash Player.

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Browsing the Views

Browsing Views by City

To find bird's-eye views of a specific Texas city, use the “Browse views of city” option on the Browse page of the site.

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Browse Views by Year

If you are interested in browsing bird's-eye views from a specific year, use the “Browse views of year” option on the Browse page of the site.

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Searching the Views

If you are interested in views related to a specific keyword, or in views from more than one city or year, use the search box.

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Advanced Searching Techniques

For researchers and other advanced users, the search box supports the use of sophisticated queries. A full description of the operators it accepts can be found at the MySQL fulltext-boolean documentation page. The most useful operators supported by the search field are described below.

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Exploring a View

All of the Texas bird’s-eye views are displayed in “zoomable” format so that you can look closely at these large works. A short essay accompanies each “zoomable” image. Interesting features of the view have been identified and can be accessed by clicking on the Feature links that appear on a view’s page. For tips on finding a view that interests you, read the Browsing the Views section of this page.

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Zooming In to a View

To zoom in to a view, do one of the following things:

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Zooming Out of a View

To zoom out of a view, do one of the following things:

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Moving the View

To move a view, do one of the following things:

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Using the Viewfinder Window

The Viewfinder Window provides an easy way to quickly navigate around a view. To use the Viewfinder Window, follow these instructions:

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Returning the View to Its Original Position

If you would like the view to return to the way it was when you first opened the page, do one of the following things:

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Comparing Multiple Views

You may want to compare multiple views at the same time. To do this, you must open multiple separate windows. Follow the instructions below:

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